Funny Difference Between Mom And Dad’s Parenting Style


There is always a huge difference between both of your parents’ parenting style. Moms are always more caring than dads. Dads are slightly irresponsible but still love their kids. Here are some differences in their parenting styles.

  1. 1 “Me when my dad is visiting vs Me when my mom is visiting”

  2. 2 “Was running late on my way to my mom and dad’s house and realized that there are 2 different types of parents.”

  3. 3 Thats so true.

  4. 4 When dad’s dreams of having a radio-controlled helicopter gets taken out on the cat:

  5. 5 “I love to go to McDonald’s just for these stories.”

  6. 6 “That’s how my mom sees sales, and that’s how my dad sees them.”

  7. 7 Mom vs. Dad's Reaction to a photo with boys around me

  8. 8 While driving

  9. 9 Building LEGO with Mom vs. Dad

  10. 10 Mom's Wrapping style vs. Dad's

  11. 11 Phyotographer mom vs. Photographer dad

  12. 12 Visiting doctor with your parents is always fun

  13. 13 “When my mom goes grocery shopping (top) vs when my dad goes grocery shopping (bottom)”

  14. 14 Mom while keeping an eye vs. Dad while doing the same

  15. 15 Mom's cooking vs. Dad's cooking

  16. 16 “Mom vs Dad snaps, featuring Luna the kitty”

  17. 17

  18. 18 When dad says “No” vs When mom says “No”

  19. 19 Mom's Instagram vs. Dad's Instagram

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