Most Of The Strange And Funny Laws Around The World


There are a ton of as far as anyone knows “insane” laws out there yet sadly a considerable lot of these can’t be confirmed or have been turned out to be just old spouses tales.Everything from limitations on rebirth to crazy activity fines, in the wake of scouring the world we gladly display you a few laws we could discover.

  1. 1 Feed the pigeons and you'll break the law in San Fransisco

    It's unlawful to nourish pigeons in the city of San Francisco. The city renowned for the Brilliant Door Extension accuses the universal feathered creatures for spreading illness and harming property. In case you're discovered giving nourishment to San Francisco's pigeons, you could confront a generous fine. Natives are even urged to report pigeon feeders to the city's police office.

  2. 2 Leave your Bible at home in the Maldives

    In the Maldives (where you can discover this sparkle oblivious shoreline), open recognition of any religion other than Islam is precluded, and it's an offense to import Books of scriptures into the nation. To guarantee that you don't resentful local people or cross paths with the law, don't bring a Book of scriptures along on your outing.

  3. 3 Photography in Kazakhstan

    Need to catch one final preview of your family in the air terminal before you get onto the plane? In Kazakhstan, it's illegal. Photography in and around airplane terminals is unlawful, and taking pictures of military and authority structures is disapproved of also. Discover why it's unlawful to take photos of the Eiffel Tower during the evening, as well.

  4. 4 Don't smoke in Jamaica, mon

  5. 5 Bathing suits are for the beach only in Barcelona

    Try not to meander far from the Barcelona seafront wearing only your two-piece or bathing suit. In this Spanish city, it's illegal to wear swimming clothing on open avenues. Conceal or change out of your swimming outfit in the event that you intend to leave the shoreline or promenade—neglecting to do as such will bring about a budgetary gouge in your wallet.

  6. 6 Killing Husband

    In Hong Kong, a wife is legally allowed to kill her cheating husband, but only with her bare hands,

  7. 7 No high heels in Greece

    Well, the historic parts of Greece. Officials prohibit anyone from wearing high heels at certain ancient locations because they could actually damage the site. NPR reported that food and drink are also banned, after maintenance workers found nearly 60 pounds of gum under the seats of a theater built in 161 A.D. Plus, don't miss these other travel mistakes you need to stop making.

  8. 8 Don’t cheat on exams in Bangladesh

    Everyone should know that cheating on a test is wrong. Many schools, especially universities, threaten expulsion if students are caught cheating, but in Bangladesh, the stakes get even higher. Children 15 or older can actually go to jail if they cheat on their final exams.

  9. 9 Marriage in Saudi Arabia

    In Saudi Arabia, there is no minimum age for marriage. In 2008, a Saudi court refused an 8-year-old girl, who asked for a divorce from her 58-year-old husband.

  10. 10 Flush the toilet

    Bad for  small children, and those prone to upset tummies: In Switzerland you're not allowed to flush the toilet after 10 p.m. as it's considered noise pollution.

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