Genius On An Entirely Distinctive Level

“Genius on an entirely distinctive level” is an article about super lazy people who always try to find shortcuts for everything. Shortcuts are not always perfect. We are going to show you the peope who took their laziness to a whole new level that turned out to be funny.

  1. 1 Super genius

  2. 2 Comfort Lover

  3. 3 Hello, Earthlings. We've come from the future bearing gifts...

  4. 4 But this is brilliantly funny

  5. 5 Some of us come from an uncertain and terrifying future...

  6. 6 LOL

  7. 7 While others of us are so advanced, it's like we're from a different reality entirely.

  8. 8 Our technology is light years beyond your own.

  9. 9 Laziness!

  10. 10 And our quality of life is much more advanced.

  11. 11 And in our future, nobody goes hungry or thirsty.

  12. 12 Lazy

  13. 13 We've mastered the elements.

  14. 14 Yes okay!

  15. 15 Much like Prometheus, we also learned how to manipulate flame and heat without burning ourselves.

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