Giant Dogs For People Who Will Never Get Enough Of Dogs!

Every owner is proud to share their pet’s pictures, but it’s a double joy when you know those who see it will just say, “Wow!”
  1. 1 “I will always be a lap dog!”

  2. 2 You always feel safe when your friend is a Newfie

  3. 3 “Wanna boop this booper?”

  4. 4 The sweetest kiss

  5. 5 I want this ride

  6. 6 Love is not meaningless

  7. 7 Touching the sky

  8. 8 Lovely kisses!

  9. 9 does everyone want to have a huge dog like this one?

  10. 10 "Big dogs do need love! For clarity I'm 6'7" Reddit meet my best friend Mia, the giant pyr pup!"

  11. 11 180 pound Alaskan Malamute, Gibson

  12. 12 REALLY EXTRA BIG DOG (and super excited girl)

  13. 13 This is Blaze - Gentle giant malamute still lets me hold him!

  14. 14 My friend's parent's absurdly large dog

  15. 15 One huge puppy...or bear

  16. 16 Caucasian Mountain Dog (aka Russian Bear Dog)

  17. 17 "This ones for the Big Dog lovers. This is Lincoln, and he's bigger than my wife."

  18. 18 tiny kitten observes BIG DOG YAWN

  19. 19 My boyfriend rescues Great Pyrenees dogs (BEARS!). She'd probably crush me if she sat on me, but she makes a nice cuddle buddy.

  20. 20 Why sit on the floor when there’s a perfectly good lap to perch on instead? This guy has got it figured out.


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