Hilarious Global Warming Jokes

The possibility of a dangerous atmospheric devation keeps on being a standout amongst the most dubious level headed discussions in mainstream researchers, as individuals have extremely contrasting assessments on what is happening. These amusing and hilarous global warming jokes  ridicule the two sides, as this rundown contains both ace a dangerous atmospheric devation images and hostile to an Earth-wide temperature boost images.

  1. 1 At least there’s one positive

  2. 2 Buzz is a believer.

  3. 3 No one likes warm milk

  4. 4 It’s always Dinkleberg’s fault

  5. 5 I always get global warming on that reaction

  6. 6 Be a lot cooler if you did

  7. 7 Do you?

  8. 8 OH yeah cool ginger!

  9. 9 Changing the health of planet starts from US

  10. 10 Stephen Colbert quote about global warming

  11. 11 C'mon

  12. 12 What if?

  13. 13 Because of global warming

  14. 14 "WE don't give a shit", they replied.

  15. 15 Got it?

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