These People Received The Visit Of Good Luck When They Least Expected It (Part 2)


People have a different scale of luck, so the concept of “lucky” everyone has their own. But even in this case, for a person to whom luck once smiled, one can only rejoice.


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  1. 1 What would be more cool than meeting your idol

  2. 2 Just played Powerball jackpot

  3. 3 Found a 3.69 carat diamond in the park

  4. 4 Now THIS is a good day, especially if you're on the way to work.

  5. 5 Three poptarts in the packaging of one.

  6. 6 Found a 75 pound bag full of cash on the highway.

  7. 7 There are two of them

  8. 8 Bye, bye ravine; he was saved

  9. 9 Just found a little treasure

  10. 10 The folks who got a delicately placed bonus beer.

  11. 11 And the Florida family who found $1M of Spanish gold.

  12. 12 Virginia Fike, a Virginia woman who won the lottery twice in one day.

  13. 13 Found their long lost dog after years of being separated.

  14. 14 Thank God they are not in drain

  15. 15 The guy who got a job at Google, and sometimes works inside the Google ball pit.

  16. 16 This man got a perfect fist bump

  17. 17 This guy waited all his life (3 years) for the moment!

  18. 18 Save the nail!

  19. 19 Maarten de Jonge had tickets for both Malaysian airline companies, MH370 and MH17. He changed the plane twice.

  20. 20 With a dollar he got more!

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