Top 21 WTF Moments Caught On Google Street Views (Part 2)


Unexpected things caught on Google Street View. Google Street View has allowed us to explore random streets. Some of the most unusual things are happening all around the world. Google used to capture such moments to entertain us.


We’ve gathered some of the most embarrassing moments that will make you laugh. Check out the top 21  WTF moments caught on google street views.

Click to see its part 1.


  1. 1 Google caught a creepy angel.

  2. 2 OMG

  3. 3 Scratching in public.

  4. 4 Time to expose?

  5. 5 Show them what you got babe!

  6. 6 Google found Shrek and the donkey.

  7. 7 Is he a horse or he is faking it?

  8. 8 Did you see the two head horse?

  9. 9 Close enough!

  10. 10 Kids are going to make him scare and run.

  11. 11 Not the right place to take a pee.

  12. 12 A shameful act, no?

  13. 13 Presenting you an alien in town.

  14. 14 Just one more photo, please.

  15. 15 Bikini season!

  16. 16 Caught his wife cheating on him.

  17. 17 Creepy women, no?

  18. 18 Did he forget to wear his clothes?

  19. 19 Hands up!

  20. 20 Google caught a half cat.

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