Guys Trolling Girls Hilariously By Copying Their Poses


Instagram is full of the people (girls) posting selfies in girly poses obviously. They don’t look that weird rather they look extraordinary normal. Imagine boys posing girly poses during a shower or a beach. Would it look normal while they are boys? No, it’d surely look as weird as nothing. Here are some guys who’re copying the opposite gender. These guys made the normal and lovely poses worth laughing.


Click to see father trolling his daughter on Instagram.

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  1. 1 How girls make it during a shower

  2. 2 Dad trolling his daughter.

  3. 3 It was not like that btw!

  4. 4 Oh man!

  5. 5 Girls party

  6. 6 Idk girl! I just feel like my man's friends are a bad influence on him.

  7. 7 Every girl taking a trip to get over a guy.

  8. 8 Memorial bae weekend

  9. 9 Watches a real housewives marathon once.

  10. 10 When your bestie asks what you wanna do this weekend.

  11. 11 When someone tells you to smile but you're too busy snacking.

  12. 12 Every insta model with her FabFitFun box

  13. 13 Him: She followed me first

  14. 14 Every girl in nature.

  15. 15 Do what you love and money will follow

  16. 16 When your friends text you with a vacation countdown

  17. 17 Me doing any household chore

  18. 18 Feeling cute,might delete later.

  19. 19 When bae is on the way over...with food

  20. 20 Me waiting for people to ask me to hangout

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