Hair Struggles: Only Girls With Long Hair Can Understand


Here we have a list of hair struggles you can relate if you are a girl and have long hair. Have you ever experienced hair disturbance on a windy day or in a cab with open mirrors? Hope you find it relatable.

  1. 1 You hair gets stuck in everything

  2. 2 When your favorite food gets stuck in your hair

  3. 3 Irritating

  4. 4 Ever happened to you?

  5. 5 Worst situation

  6. 6 The most embarrassing moment

  7. 7 I'm done

  8. 8 I don't have any of them

  9. 9 " Can we just take a moment and discuss wtf happened to my hair during that workout...."

  10. 10 Long hair problem

  11. 11 Need a haircut

  12. 12 Everytime I brush my hair

  13. 13 It feels like a bug crawling on your skin whenever your hair falls on your body

  14. 14 When there is no other way

  15. 15 Yuck!

  16. 16 Tie your hair before starting ICECREAM

  17. 17 "Precuation is better than cure"

  18. 18 Wind can make you look like this

  19. 19 Lipgloss is challenge

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