What Happened When You Can’t Follow The Evolution Of Technology

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Technology fails when it comes to social media, smart phones, and electronics in general, many middle-aged adults just don’t get it. Luckily, their fails are ridiculously funny and make the inter net a better place.

  1. 1 My Grandma Is Getting Pretty High Tech These Days...

  2. 2 My 90 Year Old Grandma, Showing Us How She Zooms In With An Iphone

  3. 3 My Dad Doesn't Know How To Turn Off This Front Camera Heart Feature On His Phone And He Tried To Send Me A Pic Of His New Stove

  4. 4 My Nana Asked Me To Fix Her Phone Because "The Outside Clock Is Always Showing The Wrong Time"

  5. 5 So Today My Nana Showed Me Some Of Her Favorite Websites

  6. 6

  7. 7 Who owns Google?

  8. 8 A novel idea

  9. 9 Safety first

  10. 10 WTF?

  11. 11 Spaced out

  12. 12 Whiteout to the rescue

  13. 13 OMG My Dad Tried To Print A Video

  14. 14 Settings secured

  15. 15 Phone home

  16. 16

  17. 17 My Dad Using His New Phone.It's Still In The Box

  18. 18 When Grandma Can't Hear You On The Phone

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1.5k shares, 869 points
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