A Series Of Photos Depicting The True Hardship Of Parents: Not A Moment To Relax!

Even though we adore children, they sometimes do things like that. We have compiled 17 of the children who have not given their parents 5 minutes of comfort with their mouth taste.
  1. 1 My friend’s 4-year-old cousin just cut up some money and told us that, “She’s cooking.”

  2. 2 “My son refused to drink his milk from a cup.”

  3. 3 “Here’s why men’s rooms need real changing tables...”

  4. 4 Never leave your devices where children can find them. Never.

  5. 5 “I told her to stop eating with her hands.”

  6. 6 They have seen some stuff...

  7. 7 “Maybe we should keep an eye on William.”

  8. 8 “My nephew asked for a dollar, but didn’t say he wanted to make a wish with it...”

  9. 9 When you suddenly get tired:

  10. 10 Ruthless parking enforcement

  11. 11 “My daughter has a 50% chance of putting her shoes on correctly and is wrong 100% of the time.”

  12. 12 When my son told me at 10 p.m. that he needed a birdhouse to bring to school the next day:

  13. 13 “Fun with nail polish on my face, brand new pajamas, and the couch...”

  14. 14 “Just walked into my daughters room to find her using a blanket as a pillow and pillows as a blanket.”

  15. 15 When your father is father of the year:

  16. 16 When she was trying to escape, but fell asleep:

  17. 17 “It happens to everyone, kid.”

  18. 18

  19. 19

  20. 20


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