Astonishing Harry Potter Cosplay That Will Stupefy You For Sure


Cosplay is a personal activity of dressing up to look like someone in your favorite movie. Cosplay is a short form of Costume Play.


Harry Potter series have millions and billions even more fans around the world. As a matter of facts, we all, being Potterheads, wants to go to the Hogwarts. So some really charming guys keep on trying dressing up as Harry Potter characters. And you’re going to love Harry Potter cosplay idea.

Scroll down to the joy.

  1. 1 Gryffindors

  2. 2 Draco and Harry were never this friendly

  3. 3 Waiting for Slytherins to catch the Snitch

  4. 4 Newt Scamader

  5. 5 The Trio looking at their home

  6. 6 The boy who lived

  7. 7 Draco Malfoy in his own thoughts

  8. 8 Ginny Weasley along with Hermoine Granger and Luna Lovegood

  9. 9 Ravenclaws

  10. 10 Weasley got Peeves and Malfoy as friends

  11. 11 The girl with bushy hair - Hermoine Granger

  12. 12 The final duel

  13. 13 Rita Skeeter

  14. 14 Owls carrying posts to Hufflepuff

  15. 15 Potter & Malfoy

  16. 16 Severus Snape

  17. 17 Ginny Weasley and Luna Lovegood

  18. 18 Dolores Umbridge

  19. 19 Professor Snape and Professor Trelawny

  20. 20 Ron Weasley

  21. 21 James and Lily Potter

  22. 22 Mad-eye Moody

  23. 23 Griphook

  24. 24 Lucius Malfoy

  25. 25 Fred and George Weasley

  26. 26 Gellert Grindlewald and Albus Dumbledore

  27. 27 It's time to brew a potion in The Forbidden Forest

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