Most Engaging Harry Potter Tattoos – You Are Ridikulous If You Don’t Like them


Tattoos are something that let you describe your own imagination and magical world. Because no one is going to decide what kind of tattoo you’ll have neither you’re going to let someone decide it for you.


Harry Potter series has more than billions of fans all around the world. Potterheads are more than crazy for it. Everyone out there is buying stuff related to JK Rowling’s magical world. Some of them are also having ideas of getting Harry Potter tattoos out of their craze.

Here are some HP tattoos you may see as an inspiration for your next tattoo. If you’re a Potterhead you’re surely going to like them and if no, that means you’re ridikulous and no one is going to explain it to a muggle.

  1. 1 The tale of three brothers

  2. 2 Harry Potter

  3. 3 Harry Potter

  4. 4 The Deathly Hallows

  5. 5 Expecto Patronum

  6. 6 The Dark Mark

  7. 7 Lily's and Snape's pantronus

  8. 8 The Deathly Hallows

  9. 9 Felix Felicis

  10. 10 Mandrake

  11. 11 Hogwarts castle

  12. 12 The Sorting Hat

  13. 13 Gringotts

  14. 14 Gryffindor's Swords bumping out of The Sorting Hat

  15. 15 Salzar Slytherin's locket

  16. 16 Mirror of Erised

  17. 17 Pixie

  18. 18 Bertie Botts every flavor beans

  19. 19 The Burrows

  20. 20 Dobby the Free Elf

  21. 21 Niffler

  22. 22 Amortentia - Love Potion

  23. 23 Mandrake

  24. 24 The Time Turner

  25. 25 Platform 9 3/4

  26. 26 Voldemort

  27. 27 Expecto Patronum

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