Have A Laughter Attack With Ingenious Answers Kids Have Given


When children breathe first in the world, they are like an empty jar, ready to be filled with a vast amount of knowledge they take from the planet we live in. These naive minds process at a great rate of time but they aren’t aware yet of all the rules gown ups live thier lives by. The learning and experiences they go through teach them a lot about life till they’re adults.


There’s no doubt children are straight forward and answer straight from the heart. They are so honest, simple and to the point, they don’t bother to elaborate as adults do due to the change of situation or circumstances. Ingenious kids are more likely to put things straight on the way like these kids in the list who have taken homework assignments to the next level with the unexpected answers that are way too humorous. Some of them are too blunt and some are up to make memes out of their homework tasks. These marvellous attempts will make you laugh so hard you’ll find your self on the floor. Scroll over and be careful of the laughter attack.



  1. 1 This Brutally Honest Champ!

  2. 2 Test Answers Are Totally Wrong But Still Genius

  3. 3 Checking This kid's Homework To Find This Answer

  4. 4 A Smart Kid!

  5. 5 This Kid's Answer After Seeing A Play

  6. 6 This Kid's English Homework Makes A Point

  7. 7 Snitches Get Stitches!

  8. 8 This First Grader's Drawing To Go With The Word "Moist" For His Vocabulary Homework

  9. 9 Found Progression Of This Kid's Homework During Marking

  10. 10 This 8-year-old Took His Homework Directions Literally

  11. 11 One Step Close To Master The Skill

  12. 12 Unimpressed Kid With Word Problem On His Math Homework, Answered Impressively!

  13. 13 Lola Earned Her A Today!

  14. 14 The Kid Is Technically Correct!

  15. 15 Youthful Wisdom

  16. 16 This Marvelous Attempt Of A Ten Year Old At Drawing A Bird That Hilariously Went Wrong

  17. 17 This 8-Year-Old Smart Student Found A Way To Show Off On Her Homework

  18. 18 Dammit Bobby!

  19. 19 It’s Not Wrong

  20. 20 Hotdog Is A Very Fine Looking Hexagon. LOL

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