Height Of Absurd Fashion In Youngsters You Have Ever Seen


Low-rise bumster jeans are worn by both men and women, designed to sit low or below the hips. They are also known as 'hipsters' or 'lowriders'. This 1990's fashion came back, unfortunately, with great popularity and many made it the first option to dress up. The new generation adopted this off-putting fashion in such a way that they expose their bottom cle*vage and feel proud of it. Sometimes they tend to show off underwear much below cle*vage (to be trendy) or quite often no undergarments at all were spotted which portrayed the hight of sickening. 


Level of disgusting oneself with a thong exposed above a pair of low-rise jeans on the back, commonly referred to as a ''whale tail'', whereas men stoop themselves when boxer shorts become visible, commonly known as "sagging". What a low-class choice to represent oneself!. The disgraceful trend brought trouble for the followers when some cases were highlighted for tingling or a burning sensation on the lateral aspect of the thigh, the condition known as meralgia paresthetica.

In fact, those who think it's nice to walk around with their pants below their butt, they must know this trend was generated in United States's jails, where prisoners who were willing to have sex with other prisoners needed to invent a signal that would stay unnoticed by the security guards so they aren't caught and won't suffer the consequences, so by particularly showing their buttocks, they showed their availability to other inmates. 

Because of this ridiculous trend, there was an attempt in America (2004) to out-law low rise jeans, particularly display of underwear under the pants, claiming to be disrespectful and obscene, but the bill was rejected. People spotted with their "whale tail" or "boxers showing" would have been fined $500 if the bill had become law.

However, this unwelcomed and highly disgraceful trend has been captured at certain occasions and Slydor is presenting them to you, to analyze whether it's worth it or not!!!  Take a look! 

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