Here Are Some Extremely Stunning Highlights About London Fashion Week 2018


We often hear the word “FASHION” in our daily lives and we usually follow trends and hits according to our personalities, choices and environment. But do we know what actually the word fashion stands for?


Fashion is a constant trend in the styles in which a person dresses, especially in clothing, footwear, makeup hairstyle or body. Shape, appearance, trend, conventions, chic and figure are the most commonly used words as the synonyms of word fashion.

What a person chooses reflects his or her interests and personality. If someone follows trends actually he or she try to harmonize and shape up their character.

The change in women and men fashion happen from year to year, still, it varies from region to region and environment. The four main capitals of fashion are NewYork, Paris, Milan and London. Also, Asian styles and trends are now significant in global markets too.

Although its a very vast topic to cover but we just point out some few aspects of the history of fashion and style industry. An English man Charles Fredrick Worth seen as the first fashion designer in the modern sense of trends, however after him a very long list of people who worked, participated and became famous brands name too.

Nowadays we know our world can’t be completed without chic trendy fashion styles. Over the years we have seen so many fashion shows and weeks always updated by social media. One of them is famous LONDON FASHION WEEK firstly celebrated in 1983 and later on in 1984 where the first one who picked out the best designer award is Katherine Hamnett.

So below is the list of some of the highlights from London Fashion Week 2018. Do not miss it!

  1. 1 It's A city Wide Celebration

  2. 2 Trends to follow

  3. 3 Cool summer Styles

  4. 4 Men Glam Look

  5. 5 Chase the Yellow

  6. 6 Fashion is This absolutely trendy

  7. 7 Most favourites for summers

  8. 8 The Funky Hairstyles

  9. 9 The Chic Parade

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