Photos Proves That New Generation Is Highly Addicted To Technology.


Most of us agreed that today anything will be given up easily for 24 hours except smartphone, computer or internet. We’re practically glued to them most of the time. But did you ever consider that perhaps technology might just be destroying the human race? Many of us addicted to technology, actually forget to live and enjoy the real world, in favour of the false illusions of the virtual world.

Scroll down to see collection of images that proves that human race is highly addicted to technology.
  1. 1 Friends Get Togather Now A Days.

  2. 2 Virtual Lovers.

    Kiss me hard, while I check how many likes my new profile picture got.

  3. 3 Old Generations Vs. New Generations.

    They get a lot of stick, but at least older people know how to enjoy life without the use of technology.

  4. 4 It's Family Time.

  5. 5 Shopping?

  6. 6

  7. 7

  8. 8 Modern World

    Wherever and whenever you look, it seems like everyone is drawn to their technology devices at all times. Just look at these folks!

  9. 9 Documenting The Disaster

    Fire?! I’ll put it out – just give me one sec to take a video to upload to YouTube.

  10. 10 Telling Everyone

    Look at all these graduates checking how many likes their graduation pictures got… oh, dear Lord.

  11. 11 Zombie Apocalypse

    It’s happening, guys… the zombie apocalypse is real.

  12. 12

  13. 13 Party Hard

    This is clearly the definition of ‘partying hard’ in 2016…

  14. 14 Lazy Generation

    TV? Laptop? Nope, a cell phone and a table are the only things I need.

  15. 15

  16. 16 On A Date.

  17. 17 Sharing Food Nowadays

    This is how people “share” food in this day and age.

  18. 18 Sad Generation

    What’s happened to the world, guys?! Something is definitely wrong.

  19. 19 Liked It!

    This colorful cake is gonna bring a whooole lotta new likes to their Instagrams… and they’re obviously pretty happy about that.

  20. 20 It Hurts!

    We genuinely had to look twice at this one. Oh, dear…

  21. 21 We Are Gloriously Wired

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