These Hilarious Celebrity Photobombs Will Make Your Day (Part-01)


Making photobombs is an art, and celebrity photobombing is a rare gift to humanity. Whether the celebrities are being photobombed or actually doing the photobombing, the results are hilarious. We can only hope that seeing these works of art inspires you to look a little more closely at every photograph.

And perhaps partake in making photobombs yourself. Share If You Enjoy.
  1. 1 It was actually a photobum instead of photobomb.

  2. 2 Is George Clooney asking for the fifth one?

  3. 3 Why is it always George Clooney?

  4. 4 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel at the 2017 Academy Awards.

  5. 5 Prince Harry gives a thumbs-up at the Commonwealth Games.

  6. 6 Queen Elizabeth II sneaks up on a selfie at this year’s Commonwealth Games.

  7. 7 Rihanna You Show Off!

  8. 8 Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz Drop surprised a couple of fans.

  9. 9 Zack Braff photobombs NYC newlyweds

  10. 10 Perfect picture for Elle DeGeneres

  11. 11 I really want to know what happened there.

  12. 12 Doesn't it look like Claire Danes was checking on Lena Dunham and get caught?

  13. 13 This is going to be the favorite picture of Benedict Cumberbatch's fan.

  14. 14 I'd've punched Rami Malek if I was Portia Doubleday.

  15. 15 Punch, if you really got guts.

  16. 16 Like, oh really they're real!

  17. 17 Yolanda's love for Gigi.

  18. 18 LOL!

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