Hilarious Hotel Fails That’ll Have You In Stitches


Like a profile picture on Facebook, hotels often appear in their advertising as the most pleasant experience to spend the holidays with the family or a romantic night, but some places are not what they promise, because when they are there, reality emerges and there is not much that can be done.

  1. 1 When your hotel fails to provide a "Do Not Disturb Sign"...

  2. 2 The vent in my hotel shower doesn't seem to work.

  3. 3 That Doesn’t Look Very Promising

  4. 4 Air-conditioned Cabin. "it Was Working Yesterday."

  5. 5 Typical Germans, Always with The Nein and Never with The Ja

  6. 6 You’ll Eventually Get To The Right Room, Just Press All The Buttons

  7. 7 Just positive thinking. Maybe there was a door but the hotel forgot to take apart the ladder.

  8. 8 Hotel employees say to save cable and place.

  9. 9 It is certain that like this the hotel security level is very doubtful.

  10. 10 The bathroom is narrow, especially the bathtub. It seems to be specifically for children.

  11. 11 Is it really logical to cancel the children's pool?

  12. 12 Austin Motel - "Open to love!"

  13. 13 Oops! So, joke!

  14. 14 At least they are hygienic

  15. 15 Fire system in the shower

  16. 16 Those towels are for drying the ...

  17. 17 A good landscape: garbage

  18. 18 Without a power socket, how can we drink the coffee?

  19. 19 When you suddenly feel like you’re a giant:

  20. 20 “The pillowcases at our hotel have a tiny ’palm tree’ stitched onto them.”

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