10+ of The Most Hilarious People Who Won At Parking (Part 4)


Parking is always time taking and particularly when you need to be somewhere at a certain time!
But looking at these pictures it seems few people are above the law or might be too drunk!


Part 1

Part 2

  1. 1 Oh no! How are we suppose to park without the lines to guide us?

  2. 2 "The best parking ticket I've ever received."

  3. 3 "Guy in corvette parks like an asshole. Then I come along... Video included."

  4. 4 This motherf****r taking up not two, but three parking spots

  5. 5 That's what you get for parking like an idiot!

  6. 6 There is a dumpster on my street illegally taking up a parking space. The fancy apartment building that owns the bin doesn’t want us to use it. Yesterday, I put up a sign saying that we were going to anyway. Someone took it down. So I put up a new sign.

  7. 7 My office parking lot has no lines for spots

  8. 8 Double parked in handicap space and No Parking.

  9. 9 How stupid do you have to be to park THERE?

  10. 10 how we deal with bad parking at my work

  11. 11 Parking in front of a liquor store

  12. 12 Here's a nice parking spot.

  13. 13 Instead of a security camera, this Walmart parking lot in Puerto Rico has a security guard watch tower.

  14. 14 Spotted in Tesco yesterday. This is not taken mid parking, it was left like this.

  15. 15 Parking on the ice.

  16. 16 At....I don't know...parking?

  17. 17 This is what you get when you take up four parking spaces in my workplace.

  18. 18 So we're doing bad parking eh?

  19. 19 Parallel Parking Gone Wrong

  20. 20 No need for parking sensors when you got these...

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