Hilarious Tinder Profiles We’d Definitely Right Swipe On


Just when you thought modern day dating was utterly doomed, we come across this collection of, particularly humorous and likable individuals. Here are some another level Tinder profiles.



  1. 1 Genies Swipe Left

  2. 2 Kiana From Tinder Provides Some Useful Advice For All You Guys

  3. 3 She Beat Me To It

  4. 4 Ope

  5. 5 Run!

  6. 6 Oh God!

  7. 7 Oh so you're an arm dealer

  8. 8 Not On my watch

  9. 9 Perfect bio for fathers day

  10. 10 Faraz won me over with his multiple positive reviews

  11. 11 Funniest profile from my Tinder Asia tour. Life ain't easy being Thai.

  12. 12 Even he's confused by his bio.

  13. 13 "I just came across either the greatest or worst Tinder profile picture ever."

  14. 14 My new bio tripled my matches in a week

  15. 15 Funniest one sentence bio ever

  16. 16 Pros And Cons

  17. 17 Ummm, Ok

  18. 18 Had To Superlike For Her Effort

  19. 19 I’d Swipe Right Just To Hear Awesome Stories Of The "Good ‘Ol Days"

  20. 20 Still Asian. Oh

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