The Most Weird And Hilarious Wedding Fails Photos


Weddings are meant to be beautiful. When we think of two people committing to love each other for the rest of our lives, our minds conjure pictures of white doves and perfumed flowers. Motivated brides spend months and small fortunes to plan and execute the perfect experience. Sometimes, however, good planning just isn’t enough. No matter how carefully an event is prepared, the unexpected can still happen. But that doesn’t have to ruin the big day! These couples are proof that humor can lighten the burden of even the most awkward wedding fails.


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  1. 1 Maybe He’ll Catch The Garter

    No one likes being the seventh wheel. Way to single your brother out. We’re sure he’s not going to be reminded of how lonely he was on your special day. There appears to be a slight smirk, but you can plainly notice the unbearable pain in his eyes.

  2. 2 I…WILL…get…this…off, oops, lost a tooth.

  3. 3 Honey, I’ll go wherever you go. Except in there.

  4. 4 Like, we’re gonna totally like, ruin this, like photo, Kelly.

  5. 5 Ok, I have the best idea ever. Just in case people forget who we are, let’s get our panties monogramed.

  6. 6 Marking His Territory

    We’ve all heard about overprotective parents, siblings, and friends. Sometimes it takes time for family members to get used to the love of your life. No one ever asks the four-legged fur babies for permission. This furry friend wanted to ensure the groom knew who the bride really belongs to.

  7. 7 I think this is the best spot to take a photo. Wait, no, let’s move over to the right to get all of the scenery

  8. 8 So, about that money shot that you wanted.

  9. 9 Her Legs !

  10. 10 That has got to hurt...

  11. 11

  12. 12 Erm, should we tell her?

    I don’t think any bride wants to hear that they’ve just showed the goods to the entire wedding party

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