How Horrible Can One Look? Scary Celebrity Plastic Surgery Fails


Though no one has got the perfect looks yet everyone wants to look gorgeous and amazing at all time, at all ages. And, in the lust of refining one’s natural beauty or beating age, some people mess up, totally ruining their appearance and end up a disaster. We have made a compilation of some famous celebrities whose hunch for their perceived beauty has left a mutilated person behind. The LAST one is extremely shocking rather scary. Have a look!

  1. 1 Donatella Versace-Reminds of Frankenstein

  2. 2 Jocelyn Wildenstein- Bad Cat

  3. 3 Jackie Stallone - Ruined Lips

  4. 4 Michaela Romanini - Once a gorgeous lady now looks like a man

  5. 5 Pete Burns - Man or a Woman you can't figure out now.

  6. 6 Lindsay Lohan

  7. 7 Carrot top (Scott Thompson)

  8. 8 Carla Bruni

  9. 9 Janice Dickinson

  10. 10 Joan Van Ark

  11. 11 Her lips are about to burst.

  12. 12 Hang Mioku - When her doctor refused to do any more surgeries, she injected cooking oil in her skin

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