How To Keep Yourself Healthy And Happy While Quarantine


Unexpectedly 2020 is now has become the year of Novel Coronavirus. Because the deadly COVID 19 disease has changed the whole scenario of our planet. As the WHO (World Health Organization) declared it a pandemic and till now no cure is available for the disease, the only solution to avoid this deadly virus is to practice social distancing and self-quarantine yourself. 


Even while staying at home we could be at risk to encounter coronavirus so we should be extremely vigilant towards our hygiene. Being confined to four walls of your house in these unpredictable and terrifying circumstances could be sometimes depressing and gloomy for an individual. In order to keep our mind sane, healthy and enjoy a happy quarantine life we could use some simple hacks which would enable us to keep ourselves safe from the virus and allow our minds to involve in positive activities.

Here are some amazing hacks which one could use in these quarantine days like how to take care of your skin, how to avoid surfaces which can be potential virus carriers etc.

Hopefully, you will appreciate this effort of Slydor staff. Keep yourself healthy while quarantine and stay happy. Scroll down and read our post instantly. Cheers!

Source: Reddit 

  1. 1 Saving up on Hand Sanitizer By Adding Rubber Bands Gives Constant Small Amount Even If You Press All The Way

  2. 2 Wearing A Face Mask For An Extended Period Of Time. Sew A Button To A Headband To Keep From Destroying Your Ears

  3. 3 While At Home Use Bobby Pins To Get That Deep Blackheads Out.Place The Looped End Flat On Your Face With The Back Head In The Middle And Gently Apply Pressure Around The Blackhead To Force The Content Up

  4. 4 Keep Frozen Bread Dough In The Freezer. No Need To Go Out During Quarantine For Bread Or Buns

  5. 5 To Avoid Germs And Reuse All Of Those Extra Toilet Paper Rolls

  6. 6 With So Much Home Bake Something You Like To Eat And Enjoy Quarantine Life

  7. 7 Manage Any Corner Or A Suitable Area In Your House To Work From Home And Be Comfortable During Your Work

  8. 8 Use A Small Binder Clip To Easily Flip Your Light Switch With Your Arm/Elbow And Avoid Hand Contact

  9. 9 Use A Produce Bag On Each Hand To Get A Cart. Simple And effective

  10. 10 Open Doors With Your Foot, Not Your Hand

  11. 11 Knitting Can Be Cool AF While Lock Down Because It Make You More Creative And Kill Your Boredom Too

  12. 12 When You Can't Go Out To Buy A Smaller Pan For One Recipe. Try This Method

  13. 13 Tape A Square On The Floor, Scatter Cotton Balls Around The House, Tell Your Kid It’s A Game To Sweep Them Into The Square. Sit Back And Watch Your Floors Gleam!

  14. 14 Protect Your Pet With Small Face Mask And Stay Safe From The Pet's Droplet Too

  15. 15 Take Note Of What Products Run Out, That Way You Can Buy The Products That You Know Work And Will Be Stocked

  16. 16 You Can Sew Mask And At Home Bandanas And Give Them Deserving People

  17. 17 Used Wasted Space In Pantry To Store More Grocery During Quarantine

  18. 18 Use A Grater To Slice Cold Butter For Pie Crust. Super Quick And Satisfying Too

  19. 19 Shirt Stays Can Be Used As A Mask Extender

  20. 20 A Massive Fort For The Kids! so Killed The Boredom And Made A Huge Fort That Included A Kids Tent!

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