How to prove yourself EXTREMELY ATTRACTIVE

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An average looking person can be more attractive than the megazine cover model.


when you make people important,you will be seen as sexy to the opposite sex.

These habbits will make you significantly irresistable

  1. 1 Approach others first

    Whether you are an extrovert or an introvert ,morning or night bird,adventure grabber or planner while attending any gathering you have to approach people first specially to those who are standing by themselves.It make some one feel important .

  2. 2 Red alert! RED LIP STICK

    According to research a woman lips are the most attractive part of the body.

    A study found that men stared at a women,s lips for seven seconds when they were colored next time buy a red lipstick add it in your shoping list make your self awesome to opposite sex

  3. 3 Eye contact

    "Eyes are the window of souls" 

    It is true.sustained eye contact makes the opposite sex feel more not let your eyes wonder at your mobile phone .it will feel other person ignored.

  4. 4 Smile

    A real smile can win heart.a geniune smile can attract any one more towars you .smile from the eyes is authentic can attract any one .

    simple smile can can causes men to find women more attractive.

  5. 5 Confidance

    Confidance in yourself will make you more attractive to opposite sex.Be culturaly aware and more seems to link more people together too and make you more attractive.If you love yourself and believe in your self it will bring out best results .

  6. 6 "T" Shirt

    New study found that a man should pick up a white shirt with a large black letter T printed on front.

    women found them more attractive who this type of shirt.shirt will creat an illusion producing a man V shaped body that women found sexy.

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1.2k shares, 848 points
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