What Would Happen If Humans Disappear?


What will you do if you wake up one morning get out of the bed for a walk and you see there are no humans left. You can enjoy your life without any disturbance of humans. Which would no longer be there with you? Because you have to find food, water, etc. Can you survive let us see!


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  1. 1 Are you tired of humans and thinking of a world without humans? What will you do in a world without humans.

  2. 2 And yes you are in a world where there are no humans left.

  3. 3 There's no one to feed animals so animals will start dying one by one.

  4. 4 As there are no humans left to control the electric power plants so there is no electricity.

  5. 5 No electricity means no heat no fridge and no clean water.

  6. 6 To survive you have to move towards mexico because its warmer there and you can take up farming.

  7. 7 After all these survival issues you'll have to try not to lose mind from the absolute and unrelenting loneliness

  8. 8 People who manage to produce foodstuffs, manage water treatment, monitor sensors at nuclear power plants and control space stations are no longer exist.

  9. 9 And you can't control all these alone so you too cannot exist and you end up dying because you're neither a genius nor a perfect multi-tasker.


    Hope rest of the communities return after teaching you the right lesson.  

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