Humorous Wives And Girlfriends Are Winning The Battle


Is your girlfriend all right with a sense of humor? Then you are lucky. After all, fun and jokes prolong life and make people happier. Today we have prepared for you examples of how great it is if your spouse knows how to joke and makes it cool

  1. 1 My GF Got Me This Card On Valentine’s Day Of This Year Before We Were Officially “Dating.” It Still Makes Me Smile

  2. 2 Moments After Giving Birth A Mother Laughs Hysterically At Her Husband Who Just Fainted At The Sight Of Their Newborn Son, 1986

  3. 3 One Of My Friends Gave Her Husband A Cake To Let Him Know They're Expecting

  4. 4 My Wife Gave Me This Bob Ross Book. This Photo Was Inside

  5. 5 Marriage Is About Sharing (Almost) Everything

  6. 6 My GF Sent Me This While I Was On The Toilet

  7. 7 My Salute To Calvin And Hobbes, My Husband Thinks I Need Therapy

  8. 8 I Asked My Wife To Send Me Some Underwear Pictures, This Is What I Got In Return

  9. 9 It Was A Trap

  10. 10 Sitting On The Couch With A Headache And An Ice Pack On My Head When My Girlfriend Tells Me Not To Move

  11. 11 My Wife Said When I Pass She Would Go The Extra Mile To Give Me The Burial I Deserve...

  12. 12 Telehubbies. My Old Colleague Was Having A BBQ With Friends And His Wife Captured The Perfect Moment. Sorry, Trey

  13. 13 My Girlfriend Tried To Entice Me To Get Out Of Bed. I'm Ashamed To Say It Worked

  14. 14 My Boyfriend Loves Pasta, So I Sent Him These To Apologise After An Argument

  15. 15 My Girlfriend Left Me A Note

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