Ideas That Should Be Followed By People In The World


Awesome inventions and ideas, you didn’t know you needed, and they’re as genius as they’re simple.


These solutions prove the brilliance of simplicity. We’re constantly in a rush, trying to do a gazillion things at once, and it’s often the little things that get in the way. Scroll down to check out the ways we can tackle them and upvote your favorites!

  1. 1 Wash Your Hands And Reuse The Water For Your Next Flush

  2. 2 Free Coffee In Exchange For Some Rubbish

  3. 3 Socket and Extension Lead

  4. 4 Phone Holder

  5. 5

  6. 6 Use a cotton ball impregnated with Vaseline as a perfect fire starter.

  7. 7 Behold - the ultimate PB&J.

  8. 8 These Traffic Lights In Ukraine

  9. 9 This Toothpaste Describes Both Its Ingredients And Their Purpose

  10. 10 Seniors And Handicapped People Can Extend Crossing Time For This 8 Lane Highway

  11. 11 This Fence Is Shaped To Create Seating

  12. 12 In Copenhagen There Is A Childrens Bicycling Playgroud, Where They Can Practice Bicycling In The City, And Learn The Rules, Before They Enter The Streets

  13. 13 These Bikes Have Airless Tires

  14. 14 The Paint Lines Continue Up The Wall To Help People Park

  15. 15 My Bottle Of Canadian Whisky Came With Free Public Transportation

  16. 16 Laundromat Has Gym Equipment To Use As You Are Waiting For Your Load To Finish

  17. 17 Public Place To Conduct Exchanges Made On The Internet. Directly In Front Of The Police Station

  18. 18 This Store Lets Customers Choose Whether They Want To Be Bothered By The Staff

  19. 19 Trash Bins In Copenhagen Are Angled So Cyclists Can Toss Their Trash While Biking

  20. 20 This Phone Charging Station Where You Have To Sit Down And Pedal To Get Power

  21. 21 This Bag Of Chips Has 2 Perforations, So You Can Open It More The Further Down You Eat

  22. 22 These Shopping Carts Have A Magnifying Glass For The Elderly

  23. 23 A Pack Of Cigarettes Came With A Postage Paid Recycling Pouch

  24. 24 Tags That You Can Put On Broken Trolleys

  25. 25 Different Shaped Slots For Different Tubes In The Hospital To Make It Impossible To Mix Them

  26. 26 Euro Snacks Tell You How Much Exercise You Need To Burn It Off

  27. 27 This City Tells Us If Road Projects Are On Time And On Budget

  28. 28 This Toilet Has A Fresh Sanitary Seat Cover For Each Use

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