10+ Attractive Illustrations By Stephan Schmitz Shows The Reality Of Our World


An Artist from Switzerland named Stephan Schmitz is very talented. He is award-winning illustrator based in Zürich, Switzerland. He studied illustration at the Lucerne School. He explores hidden emotions that people tend to not talk about.


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  1. 1 Brain wash

  2. 2 I married the wrong woman

  3. 3 I‘m cheating on my boyfriend with my boss

  4. 4 About an oxford debating club

  5. 5 For an article about a woman extorting a man emotionally for his money.

  6. 6 About a father-daughter relationship and unconditional love.

  7. 7 About psychological abuse in relationships.

  8. 8 Sexual Abuse In The Armed Forces

  9. 9 For a german newspaper about a married man leaving his wife and kids.

  10. 10 Remove

  11. 11 About finding extraterrestrial life with new telescopes.

  12. 12 Impossible Love

  13. 13 Outsourcing Daily Chores

  14. 14 The Next Big Computer Virus

  15. 15

  16. 16 IIlustration for misophonia. A condition which makes you allergic to certain sounds that people make.

  17. 17 What Most People Don't See

  18. 18 For an essay about human dignity in the current issue of swiss newspaper.

  19. 19 Working on traffic-light roughs for a commission

  20. 20 Illustration for American Gas Association Magazine about worker safety

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