20 Interesting Facts About Health


Health is the ability of a biological system to acquire, convert, allocate, distribute, and utilize energy sustainably. Here are some health facts you may need to know.

  1. 1 A lack of exercise now causes as many deaths as smoking

  2. 2 Always look on the bright side: Being an optimistic can help you live longer

  3. 3 Antioxidants in chocolate improve blood flow and protect against UV damage

  4. 4 Between 2000 and 2015, the avarage global life expectancy increased by five years

  5. 5 Chewing gum makes you more alert, relieves stress and reduces anxiety levels

  6. 6 Drinking coffee can reduce the risk of depression

  7. 7 Exercise will give you more energy, even when you're tired

  8. 8 Writing things out by hand will help you remember them

  9. 9 Laughing can increase blood flow by 20%

  10. 10 Less than 1% of Americans ride their bike to work

  11. 11 Nearly 30% of the World's population is obese

  12. 12 Reading can lower levels of unhealthy stress hormones

  13. 13 Skin is the largest organ in the body and it defends against disease and infection

  14. 14 Smelling rosemary can increase alertness and improve memory

  15. 15 Staying in touch with family and friends is good for your health, memory and longevity

  16. 16 The US spends almost three times more on healthcare than any other country

  17. 17 Too much sitting (and sleeping) can increase your chances of an early death

  18. 18 Walking outside can reduce negative thoughts and boost self-easteem

  19. 19 Swearing can make you feel better when you're in pain

  20. 20 Yoga can boost your coginitive function and lower stress

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