Interesting Facts About Sydney Opera House


some intersting facts


Who designed the Sydney Opera House?

The Sydney Opera House architect was Danish architect, Jørn Utzon. In 1956, he won an international competition to design it.

When was the Sydney Opera House built?

The construction of the Sydney Opera House began in 1959. Despite the architect’s resignation in 1966 and after a tumultuous tirade of ego clashes, technical difficulties and delays it was opened in 1973.



    It is believed that the arched roof design of the Opera House came to the architect when hhe was peeling an orange

    The architect is believed to have drawn inspiration from orange segments, snails, palm fronds and Mayan temples

  2. 2 concert hall

    The star features of the Opera House are the Concert Hall, Opera Theatre and the Roofs

    Guillaume at Bennelong, one of the finest restaurants in Sydney, is located at the Sydney Opera House


  3. 3 interesting

     The Opera House has also been poetically likened to a ‘nun’s scrum’ and the sexual  congress of turtles.

     Sydney Opera House has four main auditoriums for dance, concerts, opera and theatre events, plus the left-of-centre Studio for emerging artists.

  4. 4 TOURS

    Sdney Opera House tours are a fantastic way to see the front and the back stage of this masterpiece. The tour will take you from ‘front of house’ to backstage. Due to rehearsals, not every tour can visit every theatre, but you’re more likely to see everything if you arrive early.

  5. 5 amazing

    The Sydney Opera House is not just an opera house but a full-scale performing-arts complex with five major performing spaces

    The biggest and grandest hall is the 2,690-seat Concert Hall, which has the best acoustics of any building of its type in the world

    The architecture of the Sydney Opera House is based on 20th-century Modern Expressionism

  6. 6 construction

    • Jørn Utzon resigned in 1966 before the completion of the Opera House in 1973
    • The Opera House was built at a cost of A$102 million
      • An appeal fund was set up, eventually raising A$900,000, while the Opera House Lottery raised the balance
    • The best view of the Sydney Opera House is from the ferry approaching Circular Quay

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