Mysterious Japanese Artist Addresses Social Problems


Very little is known about the Japanese artist who calls himself avogado6. All we know is that he is very fond of chemistry and his profile photo is a portrait of the famous Italian scientist Avogadro. However, boring formulas are nowhere to be found in the works of this mysterious illustrator — only vivid pictures in which human feelings are shown in a very comprehensible manner. Many of these feelings are difficult to describe in words and that’s why the works of this artist are worth taking a look at. After all, how can you draw what you cannot say?


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  1. 1 Life impossible

  2. 2 Fate

  3. 3 No one cares

  4. 4 Restricted

  5. 5 Dependent

  6. 6 Trust issues

  7. 7 Being treated like a game

  8. 8 With the depth of heart

  9. 9 Loyal friend

  10. 10 Trash

  11. 11 Recover yourself

  12. 12 Let's see who is dominant

  13. 13 The game of money

  14. 14 Time has arrived

  15. 15 Pollution

  16. 16 Renewing

  17. 17 Helpless

  18. 18 Friends

  19. 19 Control your thoughts

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