Journey Towards The Center Of Earth


This is a unique journey to the center of Earth. You will experience so many things like heat, speed, temperature etc. To find what happens you have to see the entire post. The ending is really cool and funny.


Credit  Meet Arnold

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Suppose you are standing on a unique station to go to the center of the Earth.

The center of the Earth is 12,700 km from the surface.

You will start you journey by falling towards the center of the Earth instead on the train or any other conveyance.

As the temperature is 2552°F so you will burn first and then will burst due to very high pressure.

Here is the twist. We dug the tunnel through the entire Earth for you.

Now you don't worry. Your speed is 18,020 miles per hour. Which is enough to escape the gravity of the Earth.

You will feel weightless at the center but keep moving due to the force of inertia.

After 38 min you will find yourself at the other end of the Earth. If no one catches you, you will keep your journey on going to the center of earth.

And you will die moving like this and starving. Everyone will fail to find you and this is how you'll REST in PEACE.

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