Kids Who Got Fame On Youtube


The video blogging society is by all accounts at its pinnacle, and these children are making a genuine name for themselves on YouTube. The way to YouTube prominence is that any video these children transfer will get shared and store up record sees. A large portion of the salary for YouTube stars is created from promotions, supported recordings, and partner items.

  1. 1 Action Movie Kid's channel has some of the most impressive special effects on YouTube.

    Subscribers: 544,400+

    One perk of having a dad who works at DreamWorks as an after effects artist is the awesome videos he can edit you into.

    Four-year-old James jumps from furniture to furniture avoiding a floor full of lava, and wields real-looking lightsabers in the videos his dad Daniel Hashimoto produces. His little sister gets in on the action sometimes as well.

  2. 2 Mya

    Channel: Full Time Kid

    Subscribers: 32,096

    Total Video Views: 8.5 million

    Mya is a full time kid and her job is to share educational tips and tricks, craft ideas, surprises and songs that kids like. In her videos you will see her playing with toys, preparing food, playing games and having other sort of fun.

  3. 3 Ryan of Ryan Toys Review has only had his channel for about a year, but already has millions of subscribers.

    Subscribers: 3 million

    Ryan loves all toys, but especially cars, trains, and Disney. His aunt and parents help him make many of his videos and most of the toys are donated after filming.

    The five-year-old star has almost five billion views on his YouTube channel Ryan Toys Review.

  4. 4 Erin Bradley

    Age: 8

    Subscribers: 70

    ERIN started blogging aged seven and is already making decent pocket money from brands with her vlogs about toys.

    She got into it after watching videos by her mum Emma – a former teacher and part-time blogger – and soon realised she was a natural.

  5. 5 Evan of EvanTubeHD has reached celebrity status with billions of YouTube views.

    Subscribers: 2.9 million

    Evan's channel is dedicated to playing with new toys, testing snacks, and other silly challenges. He's 10 years old and has already appeared on shows like Good Morning America and The View. Plus, his channel has over two billion views.

    His dad is a filmmaker who spends his free time shooting and producing videos with his kids (Evan's seven-year-old sister, Jillian, also joins in on the fun). The family has a few channels apart from Evan's and a massive following.

  6. 6 Yebin

    Channel: Baby Yebin

    Subscribers: 97,333

    Total Video Views: 11.4 million

    Her age is not known but Little Yebin is perhaps the youngest of all mentioned in this story. She became famous when her first video, featuring her mother’s life lessons, went viral. Everyone who watches her videos can’t help but fall in love with her innocence.

  7. 7 This mother-daughter duo makes at least three new videos every week on their channel B2cuteCupcakes.

  8. 8 Callum Ryan

    Age: 16

    Subscribers: 6700

    INSPIRED by other child YouTubers, Callum began vlogging about lifestyle trends aged 14 and two years on, things are looking good.
    He’s working with Mega magazine, a monthly print title for primary school kids, who approached him to make promotional videos for them.

  9. 9 EthanGamerTV's channel is perfect for the kid gamer.

    Subscribers: 925,000+

    Ethan actually has two channels, but his gaming channel is his more popular of the two. Like other nine-year-old boys, he mainly plays Roblox, Minecraft, and mobile games, as he explains on his page.

    His other channel, which he updates less frequently, has unboxing videos and vlogs.

  10. 10 Fedora

    Channel: Sir Fedora

    Subscribers: 145,387

    Video Views: 7.3 million

    Sir Fedora wanted to be a reviewer of iPhone apps on YouTube and uploaded his first video. In that video he was seen begging for a “like”, but he was so funny in his own way that it ended up making him a super YouTube kid. He received recognition overnight and gained thousands and thousands of subscribers.

  11. 11 California brothers Gabe and Garrett take their viewers on fun adventures.

    Subscribers: 810,000+

    Nine-year-old Gabe and seven-year-old Garrett film their epic games of sidewalk cops, toy reviews, superhero videos, and other fun activities kids are interested in learning about.

    Their dad helps them make their videos for their channel Gabe and Garrett. They started uploading videos regularly in 2013.

  12. 12 Siblings Arabella and Jaadin,

    Age: 13, 12

    Subscribers: 380,000 and 40,000

    Arabella, whose vlog has had 4.2million views, says: “We got into vlogging about two years ago after watching our auntie doing it.

    “We film and upload all our own content and get to hang out with celebrities and travel the world.”

    The pair have worked with brands including New Look, Monsoon, Amazon, Disney, Warner Brothers, Louis Vuitton, Nintendo. Other big brands are flocking to work with them.

    They get sent free products and toys and as well as earning through brand endorsements and ads, they are also paid to interview celebs, turn up at events and even do meet and greets.

  13. 13 New videos from Hailey's Magical Playhouse are posted almost every day, and the toys are donated to charity.

    Subscribers: 775,000+

    Hailey's Magical Playhouse channel is updated frequently and most of the toys are donated to kids in need once filming is complete.

    Hailey is only five years old, so she gets help from her dad who agreed to get her a YouTube channel after she had wanted one for some time.

  14. 14 Metthew David

    Age: 12 years

    Channel: Matty B Raps

    Subscribers: 4.5 million

    Video Views: 2 billion

    Matthew David, also known as Matty B or MattyBRaps is a child star who sings rap songs and publishes them on YouTube. This 12 year old kid started his YouTube journey in 2010 and surpassed the 1 billion views mark in August 2014. This little star has had the honor of reaching the top 11 position in Billboard Social 50 Chart.

  15. 15 Naiah and Elli are just two sisters having fun on the Naiah and Ellie Toys Show.

    Subscribers: 141,000+

    They may be young, but five-year-old Naiah three-year-old Elli have quite a following. The two sisters review and play with toys as well as visit fun spots for kids each week.

    Their mom helps them out by filming and editing their videos. Like most girls their age, they love "Frozen," other Disney toys, and Play-Doh.

  16. 16 Jillian, 12 and Adelaide, 9

    YouTube: Babyteeth4 (1.6m subscribers).

    The sisters review sweets or even play games with novelty sweets, such as a sherbet dipper. Their dad films and edits the videos at their home in Pennsylvania.

  17. 17 The Kids' Toys channel is all about discovering cool toys.

    Subscribers: 1.8 million

    On the Kids' Toys channel, sisters Quincy Faye and Laurice from the Phillipines review toys and play different online games. (Though Tech Insider was not able to confirm their ages, both girls appear to be under 12 years old.)

    They have been uploading videos for over three years and so far have generated over two billion views. Many of their videos have over one million views apiece — quite the large following for kids so young.

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