Kids Shocked Everyone Unintentionally By Their Spelling Mistakes


If you are a teacher or parent you may’ve experienced kids’ spelling mistakes. Aren’t they worst? I sometimes feel like kids do it to have attention but then I don’t find a smile on their innocent faces. Lots of kids — and adults, for that matter — are still working on their spelling skills. So mistakes are inevitable.


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  1. 1 Whore But I Still Love Them

  2. 2 Did your mom said so?

  3. 3 METH!!!!

  4. 4 Virginia!!!

  5. 5 It's tights

  6. 6 You mean Santa, right?

  7. 7 Not shit kid it's shirt

  8. 8 I'm scared of your eleplant

  9. 9 You can't catch me

  10. 10 Kurt***

  11. 11 Looks like he forgot to put U after O

  12. 12 Beach!

  13. 13 You need to firm your grip Miss Karen

  14. 14 Mrs. Slut!!

  15. 15 No son I don't

  16. 16 What!!

  17. 17 Account

  18. 18 What?

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