Lifesaving Combat Tips To Survive Wild Animal Attacks (Part 2)


In the warm and fuzzy world of some folks, wild animals all have big moist brown eyes, cute noses, and a cuddly personality. But that doesn’t exactly square with reality. Take, for example, the incident involving Mark Reynolds. A 35-year-old guy who went out for a mountain bike ride in California in January 2004. Was later found dead and partly eaten by a cougar (mountain lion).Nothing warm and fuzzy about it. So take some combat tips course or guide before getting into wildlife.


I could go on and on. The list is really pretty long. And that’s just cougars. What about bears, or wolf, or snake, or loin, or …? Let’s pause momentarily for a dose of wildlife reality. There are lots of wild animals that will attack a human, sometimes with fatal results. It does no good to play the denial game. The only good thing we can do is learn the truth and then figure out what to do if we are ever in a violent confrontation with a wild animal.

When you’re being attacked by a deadly animal? There’s not much time, so, here are your essential combat tips in lightning-fast form.

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  1. 1

    • Protect your neck and face
    • Shout
    • Go for its nose, throat, and back of its head
    • Use your weight
  2. 2

    • Jump out of the way in the last moment of its attack
    • Try to climb a tree
  3. 3

    • The animal only feels danger when you enter its territory
    • Cough. Kangaroo will consider it a sign of disease and most likely won't attack you
    • Slowly back away. this way you look smaller and therefore less dangerous
    • Don't turn away and run. It will only provoke the animal
  4. 4

    • Quickly get a gas can and matches
    • Burn the whole area
  5. 5

    • If their trunk is curled and the ears are pulled back it means they are going to crush you
    • If the animal approaches, don't run. 
    • Try to find something that can become a barrier between you and the elephant
  6. 6

    • Rhinoceroses have bad eyesight, that's why it is easy to frighten them and provoke them to attack
    • These animals' speed can reach 37 miles per hour; this is the reason it is really hard to outrun them
    • The only way to escape the rhinoceroses is to hide behind a tree. It's a substantial obstacle for the animal 
  7. 7

    • If a bull is running at you, stay straight and still.
    • Use your hat, t-shirt or any other cloth you have at hand as bait
    • When the animal runs up close to you, throw away the thing as far away from you as possible. The bull will change direction and follow the object.
  8. 8

    • Gorillas do not attack if you behave obediently
    • Sit down to seem less large and not to tower over the gorilla
    • Try to whisper and avoid direct eye contact
    • In case of an attack or approach, curl into a ball. This way it will consider you weak and defenseless and won't attack you
  9. 9

    • Do not offer milk or ice cream to a hedgehog
    • Don't catch it bare handed
  10. 10

    • Don't panic
    • Don't be superstitious
    • The animal is more likely to be lost
    • It's not here to drink your blood
    • Don't touch it barehanded
    • If the bat is asleep, wait until it wakes up, cover it in a box with holes or let it fly outside
    • Put your pets away from it
  11. 11

    • You shouldn't run away. The animal might trace you. 
    • Approach the animal and try to play with it
    • You should slowly stand back and shout
    • Stretch your arms or cloths to give the impression that you have increased in size
    • Throw the stones in the direction of animal not exactly at it or give the expression that you are going to throw it
  12. 12

    • You should not pet them friendly they can even harm you, bite you and can also painfully push you
    • You shouldn't flounce near a dolphin
    • You shouldn't firmly believe that a dolphin can do absolutely no harm to you
    • You should swim away from dolphins
    • Interact with these animals only if you have an opportunity to leave the water at any moment

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