People Who Thought Of A Little Fun In Their Family Portraits


The family portrait is a time-honored tradition of gathering together to capture for perpetuity our unseemly hairstyles, shameful clothing, and deep and abiding awkwardness in front of a camera.  Through the magic of photography – and Awkward Family Photos – we can be humiliated years later as our poor fashion choices are immortalized and shared through the ages.

  1. 1 Family of winners

  2. 2 These ladies!

  3. 3 The family of ladies

  4. 4 Happy smile day!

  5. 5 One dad..

  6. 6 Now available in all sizes

  7. 7 That one friend who creates a mess and leaves every party

  8. 8 Quite desperate!

  9. 9 Who's idea was that?

  10. 10 Okay bye guys!

  11. 11 When you see it!

  12. 12 Aww!

  13. 13 Fabulous position!

  14. 14 Even cats look embarrassed

  15. 15 Are you enjoying baby?

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