The Best Married Life Jokes That Will Make You Happy All Day (Part-02)

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We tend to understand and enjoy more of those mocking situations and illustrations which hilariously depict one or another aspect of either our own life or someone else’s we know of. This way we actually relate the reel life to the real life.

Crislane Passos is a very gifted and extremely talented artist who came up with an imaginary couple Max and Julia, a few years ago while writing a book. He loved the characters so much that he decided to continue their love story even after the novel. Their beautiful love life illustrations truly portrays the romance, chaos, love and care in every couple’s life. You will definitely appreciate the little details in his work and admire the thoroughness. The couple’s relationship evolution has been compiled for you.

Have fun!

  1. 1 Emotional Support

  2. 2 Not His Fault!

  3. 3 Regular B-M Checkup

  4. 4 Ignore The Jealous Souls

  5. 5 We So Can Relate

  6. 6 A Simple Cold Feels Like A Death Sentence To Him .... Mine Also Shares His Will

  7. 7 This Is So Me

  8. 8 Love Is In The Air

  9. 9 Chest Hair Removal Is A Nightmare For Him

  10. 10 When You Have No Other Choice But To Agree

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2.5k shares, 876 points
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