Martín De Pasquale – Digital Artist Who Illustrates Impossible Realities


Martín De Pasquale is an art director and digital artist based in Buenos Aires who is known for his incredible photo manipulations and surreal artwork. Using various types of graphics software, he manages to create wonderful images where the lines between reality and fantasy are completely distorted.


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  1. 1 Breaking the routine

  2. 2 Night fall

  3. 3 Who to wear today?

  4. 4 Winters

  5. 5 Inversion!

  6. 6 Shy!

  7. 7 Gotta make dinner

  8. 8 Going out after rain

  9. 9 Could you get it for yourself?

  10. 10 You're a companion of yourself

  11. 11 Landed in Lilliput

  12. 12 Survive!

  13. 13 Face yourself first!

  14. 14 Broken inside!

  15. 15 Can't get out of bed

  16. 16 Taking yourself to work

  17. 17 Renewing yourself for new tasks

  18. 18 A man of words

  19. 19 Urban myth

  20. 20 Don't give up!

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