15+ People Showing The Meaning Of Real Pain In Pictures


Like others posts, this one is also in the meaning of fun. So people who experienced real pain showing it to us. They are showing us that there’s a world beyond love and relationship, which is way too fun but we neglect it thoroughly in the pain and tears of love life etc.

  1. 1 Quite painful

  2. 2 This is a nightmare

  3. 3 Frozen: Bicycle version

  4. 4 Careless animals

  5. 5 My security camera was stolen during shipping

  6. 6 Poor phones

  7. 7 When you're not her favourite child anymore

  8. 8 I can't forget this pain, never!

  9. 9 Was it Hulk?

  10. 10 Enjoying clouds, the sky...and watching your phone fall

  11. 11 Loved them! Ordered them! Found them perfectly fit in my doll's feets.

  12. 12 Ashamed to expect another layer

  13. 13 Neighbor forgot to clear his browser history

  14. 14 No, thanks, take them back. I've already a pair of them who's one piece has expired and other works perfectly.

  15. 15 YAY! TONS OF BEADS.........oh 🙁

  16. 16 "So this car accident happened today in Amman, Jordan. My brain hurts trying to understand how it happened."

  17. 17 Enjoying yourself?

  18. 18 "$10,000 hair implants and a priceless haircut from my 4-year-old son"

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