Men Who In Family Life Will Not Make You Bored


Men think differently, just uncommonly. In ordinary life, they can come up with something abnormal and funny.

  1. 1 “Went to the bank today to cash a check, needless to say my boyfriend got bored. He’s a keeper.”

  2. 2 “My boyfriend draws faces in the vegetables and fruits that I bought but forgot to eat.”

  3. 3 “My wife absolutely hates with a deep-seated passion, Nicholas Cage.”

  4. 4 “My wife is decorating with moss for spring, so I added Moss Man. Think she’ll notice?”

  5. 5 “My husband had these set up on the counter for me and said ‘It’s your early Valentine’s Day gift. Don’t ever say I didn’t get you flowers.’ This is why I married him.”

  6. 6 “My boyfriend and I had our first baby in December, and this is what I came home to for Valentine’s Day.”*

  7. 7 “This Chapstick that my boyfriend just bit into...”

  8. 8 “It’s 1:30 a.m. and my boyfriend just shot a cockroach with a dart gun... didn’t use a shoe, oh no, that would’ve been too casual.”

  9. 9 He attempted to crack a walnut with his bare hands.

  10. 10 “When my husband asked where the markers were, I should have been more suspicious...”

  11. 11 “A few months ago, my friends and I got our photos taken at JC Penny Studios. Today, we put it up on a billboard in our hometown.”

  12. 12 “Brotherly love... Every year my twin and I go to the bank, withdraw a $100 bill, give it to each other, and then deposit it back. The tellers love it and we have done it every year since we were 15. Happy 39th bro!”

  13. 13 “My husband and I are trying to get healthier, so he put up motivational signs around the house. This is now what I see before I open the fridge.”

  14. 14 “My husband cuts the pizza so he doesn’t slice through a pepperoni.”

  15. 15 He knows his way around his wife...

  16. 16 Hot glue bowls I found at my boyfriend’s house

  17. 17 “Husband broke my mixer years ago.”

  18. 18 “Asked my boyfriend to close up the chip bags...”

  19. 19 Dad: “No you are not allowed to bring that dirty stray in. Imagine all the diseases it’s carrying. Absolutely not and that’s final.”

  20. 20 “My wife let me nerd out for my son’s newborn session so I present to you Lord Hamish of House Shirley, first of his name.”

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