Mind Blowing Facts You Didn’t Know


Sure, you may know a lot. But as much as you think you know, there’s a whole lot more you don’t know. That’s right: the Socratic Paradox is alive and kicking, even in this age of instant, accessible, unlimited information.

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  6. 6 The Majority of the Sahara Desert Is Covered in Gravel

  7. 7 Movie Trailers Used to Screen After the Feature Film

  8. 8 Greeks and Romans Used to Take Baths in Crocodile Feces for Anti-Aging Purposes

  9. 9 It Takes A Week to Make a Jellybean

  10. 10 Hitler Plotted to Kill Churchill with Exploding Chocolate

  11. 11 There are 10 Million Tons of Diamonds on Jupiter and Saturn

  12. 12 Nutmeg Can be Poisonous in Large Doses

  13. 13 Black Teeth Caused by Sugar Consumption Was a Sign of Wealth in England

  14. 14 Almonds Are Part of the Peach Family

  15. 15 The Longest Time Between Two Twins Being Born is 87 Days

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