20 Most Bizarre Marriage Laws Around The World


We live in a world where an infinite number of religions, cultures, and traditions exist. Some are normal, some are unusual and odd and some very gruesome. It may sound totally weird and bizarre to us, but it is perfectly acceptable to the true believers. However, strange customs do not create surprise. What surprises us the most is the unusual laws that are beyond our imagination! There exist some weird marriage laws in different countries around the world that will take you by surprise. Take a look!

  1. 1 Saudi Arabia

    Interestingly, Saudi Arabia has banned its male citizens from marrying women from four countries — Pakistan, Bangladesh, Chad, and Myanmar. It has been reported that the announcement was made in a bid to prevent the men of the country from marrying expatriates.

  2. 2 USA

    The US has a host of bizarre laws surrounding marriage — for instance, women in Vermont must ask their husband's permission before they wear false teeth. However, in California, Colorado, Texas, and Montana, there is a legal provision for proxy marriages if you're in the armed forces. This means that it is enough if only either the bride or the groom is present at the wedding ceremony; the absent party is represented by a proxy. In Montana, neither the bride nor groom has to be present at the wedding (called a double proxy marriage).

  3. 3 France

    France enacted the first law for posthumous marriages, by which one of the spouses is deceased. The practice started in World War I when women were married by proxy to soldiers that had died weeks earlier. However, it came into civilian use in the 1950s, when a woman, whose fiance was one among killed 400 people killed after a dam broke, was allowed to marry him posthumously.

  4. 4 Monaco

    In Monaco, it is mandatory for marriages to be announced in public. However, unlike in Greece — where the announcement must be made in a newspaper — it's enough to scribble it on a piece of paper and stick it on the door of the Town Hall. The announcement should remain up there for a 10-day period that includes two Sundays.

  5. 5 Japan

    Japan is known for its culture of deference to elders, and this probably explains a Japanese law that states that an elder brother can formally ask for this younger brother's girlfriend's hand in marriage — and they must both agree to it!

  6. 6 England and Wales

    There is a law that states that couples must be married in a 'fixed structure' with a roof. This rules out outdoor weddings, which are very popular in several parts of the world. The law came about because the practice of solemnizing marriages in the UK (Wales and England in particular) is based on buildings — either places of worship or venues such as a hotels or stately homes — being registered for weddings.

  7. 7 Dubai

    If you get married in Dubai, do not have an affair. If you have extramarital affair it could result in jail time, for over a year even. While affairs are not recommended, this law also applies to rape, which is horrible. Both the victim and the perpetrator can be charged with the same crime and end up spending time in jail. Does not seem right for the victim.

  8. 8 South California

    Want to pretend to propose to your boyfriend or girlfriend as a prank? Are you over the age of 16? Well, in South Carolina there is a no “mock proposal” law. This means if you are over the age of 16, you cannot propose to your significant other if you do not mean it. Who knows if it is still enforced, but it is a law so I wouldn’t test the limits of the law.

  9. 9 Montana

    Do you want to get married to your significant other but they are overseas serving the country while in the Military? Well, if you head to Montana you can go through what is called a “proxy wedding.” This means a friend can stand in for the bride or groom and you will legally be married to your significant other who is overseas. There have been cases where both the bride and groom have been absent but still get married. What?

  10. 10 Utah

    Want to marry your cousin? Unfortunately, you will have to wait until you are 65 and move to Utah. It becomes legal to marry your cousin in Utah once you are over the age of 65. Maybe they figure you have run out of options at that point?

  11. 11 Kentucky

    You know those couples who get divorced and remarried all the time? They are out there and just can’t seem to make up their mind whether they want to be together or not. In Kentucky, it is illegal for a woman to remarry the same man more than three times. After the third divorce, that couple is no longer allowed to get married. You should have your relationship figured out by then.

  12. 12 Florida

    Divorced or widowed women are not allowed to skydive on a Sunday afternoon in Florida. Why? That is a very good question. The law does not say anything about a divorced or widowed man not allowed to skydive during the same time period. Seems a little sexist.

  13. 13 New York

    If you are married in New York and want to cite irreconcilable difference, just make sure you both do not agree you have irreconcilable differences. You will not be able to get divorced if you both agree you have irreconcilable differences. But I would think both agreeing to divorce is a good start.

  14. 14 UK

    When getting married in the UK, you must get married under a “fixed structure” that has a room. Although, you are still allowed outdoor weddings. The law came into practice because wedding venues and a place of worship need to be registered for weddings. I wonder what an unfixed structure looks like.

  15. 15 Connecticut

    Most of the original 13 colonies had pretty strict laws. Such as Hartford, Connecticut. Make sure not to kiss your wife on Sundays while you two are out in public because it is illegal. Resist all of your urges and wait until you get home to give her that peck on the lips.

  16. 16 Hong Kong

    Never cheat on your wife in Hong Kong because it could cost you your life. If a wife catches her husband cheating on her, she is legally allowed to kill him. There is a catch as she can only do it with her bare hands. Hopefully, the wife doesn’t know martial arts, but it is a good way to keep your man in line.

  17. 17 Somoa

    How many times have you forgotten your wife’s birthday? Probably a few more than you care to admit. In Samoa, not only will your wife come after you but the law will too. It is illegal to forget your wife’s birthday in this country. Maybe put a reminder on every single calendar in your house and get it stamped on your forehead.

  18. 18 New Orleans

    Ah New Orleans, the city of fortune tellers and voodoo. If you want your physic, palm reader, fortune teller, mystic, or medium to perform your wedding ceremony, it is illegal. Most likely because they will tell you everyone will live happily ever after, but we all know that isn’t true.

  19. 19 Scotland

    Scotland has a pretty disgusting pre-wedding tradition. The bride and groom are hit with trash, which includes rotting fish and eggs. Yuck. According to the tradition, if the couple can handle this, then their marriage can handle anything. It’s an interesting way to test that theory.

  20. 20 China

    Bridesmaids can be pretty aggressive at time. In China, a groom has to get through a wall of angry bridesmaids before he can get to his bride. While going through this angry wall, the bridesmaids will demand money from him and make him do weird tasks or performances. If he makes it through, then his love is very strong.

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