15+ Most Creative and Shocking Sculptures And Statues That Will Amaze You


The sculpture is the branch of the visual arts that operates in three dimensions. It is one of the plastic arts. Durable sculptural processes originally used carving and modeling, in stone, metal, ceramics, wood and other materials but, since Modernism, there has been an almost complete freedom of materials and process. We’ve collected some of the most amazing sculptures from all around the world.


Check out the list of 15+ Most Creative and Shocking Sculptures Ans Statues That Will Amaze You.

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  1. 1 Fairy Sculpture Dancing With Dandelion – Robin Wright – UK

  2. 2 Shopping Center Polygone Riviera, France

  3. 3 Popped Up – Ervin Lorànth Hervé – Budapest, Hungary

  4. 4 Mustangs By Robert Glen, Las Colinas, Texas

  5. 5 Hippo Sculptures, Taipei, Taiwan

  6. 6 Expansion by Paige Bradley, New York, USA

  7. 7 DUNAMIS, Park Lane, London

  8. 8 Ocean Atlas, underwater sculpture depicting a young girl carrying the ocean on her shoulders

  9. 9 The Monument Of An Anonymous Passerby, Wroclaw, Poland

  10. 10 Salmon Sculpture, Portland, Oregon, USA

  11. 11 God of war statue – China

  12. 12 People Of The River By Chong Fah Cheong, Singapore

  13. 13 Emptiness, Lake Geneva, Switzerland

  14. 14 Colossus – Florence, Italy

  15. 15 De Vaartkapoen, Brussels, Belgium

  16. 16 Spider, Tate Modern, London, UK

  17. 17

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