Most Embarrassing And Desperate Celebrity Tattoo Fails


When you see every celeb on this list, you’ll say ‘Ooops.’ These celebrities have access to the best tattoo artist. If still, they aren’t able to get the job done properly then, hell ..say no more! Guys, the compilation of most embarrassing, desperate, ridiculous and outrageous celebrity tattoos is here.


Slydor is sharing most embarrassing celebrity tattoo fails that you’ll cringe a little. Click ahead to view examples of funny bad body art.

  1. 1 Kendall Jenner: She got her "meow" lip tattoo while she was drunk. She said "I was not thinking clearly".

  2. 2 Harry Styles: The singer goofed a little, actual lyrics are "won't stop to surrender."

  3. 3 Ariana Grande: She Tattoo said "7 Rings!" in Japanese. It turns out, it actually means barbecue girl.

  4. 4 Hayden Panettiere: Inked her back that should say Vivere senza rimpianti in Italian, but the last word was misspelled as rimipianti.

  5. 5 Rihanna: Her neck tattoo should say "Rebellious flower" in French, but it translates to rebel flower, NOT rebellious flower.

  6. 6 Ed Sheeran: Ed get a tat with a misspelling of his own song's name "Galway Girl" on purpose, which now says "Galway Grill" forever.

  7. 7 Jennifer Lawrence: Got a chemical symbol for water, the 2 in H20 is lower than the H and the 0, it's higher than the H and 0 in her tat. Whoops!

  8. 8 Zac Efron: Tat says YOLO, aka "You only live once," tattooed on his hand. It lasted throughout 2012, but has since disappeared.

  9. 9 Pete Davidson: He got Ariana bunny behind his ear in the photo, later they broke up, his tat artist warmed him before he inked him in girl friend's tat..

  10. 10 Nicole Richie: See "Virgin" tattoo on her wrist, She inked Virgin because she's a Virgo and thought virgin is the sign for Virgo.

  11. 11 Zoë Kravitz: Her shoulder tattoo was supposed be "Let love rule" in Arabic, instead it means "Let the love the rule."

  12. 12 Kaley Cuoco: She covered up the tattoo of her wedding date to then-husband Ryan Sweeting after they split

  13. 13 T-Pain: The rapper got a tat of the iconic Facebook "Like" symbol. He thinks such a lame tattoo is pretty sweet. Kidding, right??

  14. 14 Kelsy Karter: A portrait of Harry Styles' face... ON HER FACE! Honestly who would do it to their face??

  15. 15 Angelina Jolie: She got someone else's name inked on her arm, how brad was OK with that?

  16. 16 Christina Aguilera: Tried to get inked initials of her husband's but due to some misunderstanding she ended up with the character for the number “12.”

  17. 17 Amber Rose: Wiz Khalifa's ex wife wrapped up half of his money, a child and entire face of him on her arm before she left.

  18. 18 David Beckham: We see Jesus themed tattoos all over his body, but wait, check his abs!!

  19. 19 Zosia Mamet: Got the tattoo when she fell in love but when she waves good bye that looks a bit cheesy though.

  20. 20 Amanda Seyfried: Got "minge" tattooed on her foot after starring in Mamma Mia! Minge is another word for a woman's pubic area. So she chose a little logical place for it, right?

  21. 21 Kesha: She got the tattoo in her mouth when she was so over other people's negativity.

  22. 22 Lady Gaga: She wanted to commemorate her 'Born This Way' album with a unicorn inked with a scroll of the album wrapped around. What a dedication Lady gaga!

  23. 23 T-Pain: The singer T-Pain literally has a tattoo of the word "tattoo" on his neck. Wait..really?

  24. 24 Zoë Kravitz: Her stepdad Jason Momoa and her strengthened their friendship with tattoo "être toujours ivre," on their right forearms, which means "always be drunk." Amazing..right??

  25. 25 Lena Dunham: She inked her ass with the name of her favorite restaurant for life.

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