Here Is The list Of 10 Most Expensive Cities In the world


There are a number of factors Which effect including exchange rates, price levels, lifestyle, and more.For a fifth successive year, Singapore has been named as the most costly city on the planet, as indicated by the most recent Worldwide Cost of Living report from the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).Here is the list of most expensive cities so far(2018).

  1. 1 Singapore

    The tiny city-state is so expensive that prices for clothes are said to be 50% higher than in New York.

  2. 2 Paris, France

    As the primary business and cultural hub  in France Paris is home to numerous international companies. To rent a  two bedroom apartment in the city you are looking at an average of  $2,100.

  3. 3 Zurich, Switzerland

    Zurich, one of three Swiss cities in the top ten, was Europe’s priciest. Switzerland has never been a bargain, but it’s become even more costly in recent years as currency investors’ concerns over the euro have led them to invest in Swiss francs.

  4. 4 Hong Kong

    Hong Kong was Asia’s most expensive city. Apartment prices and competition are insanely high – at one luxury block, there was so much demand that a raffle was held for the right to put down a deposit, the Financial Times reported in November.

  5. 5 Oslo, Norway

    Beating out Copenhagen for the title of most expensive city in Europe  after the appreciation of the kroner, Oslo is known as a safe haven for  investors.

  6. 6 Geneva, Switzerland

    Home to many international organizations  food prices in Geneva are 50 percent higher than the rest of Europe and  electronics/appliances cost more than almost anywhere else in the world.

  7. 7 Seoul, South Korea

    Seoul, the capital of South Korea, is often called the hippest city in east Asia. The global fashion pack are all over it, Vogue wrote last November, and here's an invitation to a Dior event in the city.

  8. 8 Copenhagen, Denmark

    According to a survey conducted several  years ago by UBS, employees in Copenhagen had the highest income of any  other city in the world. Of course prices are elevated as well. To give  you an idea renting a DVD would cost around $8 while a one way tram  ticket can be over $3.

  9. 9 Tel Aviv, Israel

    Home to numerous high tech start ups Tel  Aviv is Israel’s most expensive city and although it can be a bit pricey to live here rent is a little more forgiving than other cities on this  list with a three bedroom apartment going for less than $1,500.

  10. 10 Sydney, Australia

    An important Australian industrial center, purchasing power in Sydney is the second highest in the world second only to Zurich.

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