45+ Of The Most Expensive Shoes In The World


Are you a shoe person? Well, if you have more than 5 pairs of shoes in your closet…you probably are. But even if you’re not, it’s interesting to see how much people are willing to pay for the leather on their feet. So get ready because these are the most expensive shoes in the world!

  1. 1 Off-White x Air Jordan 1 ($1,100)

    The “best” sneaker of the year is also one of the most sought-after, which is the case for the Off-White x Air Jordan 1. The release for the shoe was so mad that Nike had to postpone it, with the SNKRS app shutting down due to the high demand. If you wanted this year’s top shoe, you needed to pay top dollar.

  2. 2 Prada Derby Shoes ($1,500)

  3. 3 Air Jordan 1 Royal Satin ($1,590)

    I’ve been very critical of Jordan’s deceptive release practices in 2017, but the Satin version of the Air Jordan 1 “Black/Royal” showed a dedication to storytelling. The shoes only dropped at Walters in Atlanta and Active Athlete in Houston, two mom and pop shops that carried the shoes when they first releases. That rarity and regional exclusiveness drove up the resale market for these satin joints. And, oh yeah, people love “Black/Royal” Air Jordan 1s.

  4. 4 A Cold Wall x Nike Air Force 1($1,631)

    Unless you have a pile of money or a plug in London, you probably didn’t get your hands on the A Cold Wall x Nike Air Force 1. Only released at a pop-up in in the Big Smoke, the sneakers were a throwback to classic Air Force 1 styling and were even given The Harlem Lace Job in the press photos. Talk about authenticity.

  5. 5 Just Don x Air Jordan II “Arctic Orange” ($1,646)

    Just Don and Jordan Brand dropped the third installment of their Air Jordan II trilogy this year, this time releasing them in sizes for the whole family. The men’s pairs are going for bread, too. It all makes sense that the sneakers, being inspired by luxury handbags, actually go for the price of a luxury handbag.

  6. 6 Adidas Pharrell NMD Hu Race Trail “Cotton Candy” ($1,751)

    Pharrell had a really hot year with Adidas, and one of his Hu Race NMD Trail sneakers were only sold at BBC in New York City. Guess what? They resell for way more than the pairs that were sold everywhere. Surprised? Not in the least.

  7. 7 Gucci Fur Slippers ($1,800)

    It’ll cost you about $1,800 to look like you’re walking around with living creatures on your feet.

  8. 8 Margiela Metallic Future Sneakers ($2,000)

    For nearly $2,000 you can have these…well, whatever they are.

  9. 9 Gucci Spike Loafer ($2,000)

  10. 10 Rick Owens x Adidas Mastodon ($2,000)

  11. 11 Jimmy Choo Belgravia High Tops & Star Studded ($2,000)

    Having designed shoes for Halle Barry and Princess Diana, it makes sense that these Jimmy Choo high tops would cost over $2,000.

  12. 12 Air Jordan 1 “Spike Lee” ($2,397)

    Besides Michael Jordan, Spike Lee is the face of the Air Jordan, coming in with the Air Jordan III to sell it as his Mars Blackmon character. In the film She’s Gotta Have It, Mars wore a pair of Black/Royal Air Jordan 1s while having sex, and now Spike has his own Air Jordan 1s. Done up in a similar colorway, the sneakers featured Mars’ face on the heel, were only sold in Brooklyn, and retailers for $300. Now they’re re-selling for over $2,000. Call that a cultural cash-et.

  13. 13 Adidas Futurecraft 4D ($2,892)

    Adidas was supposed to release this sneaker to the public by the end of the year, but it hasn’t hit retail yet. But the brand did give away 300 pairs to friends and family… .and most of them ended up on eBay. They feature cutting-edge technology in the midsole, but they look badass, too, even if the majority of people who get them saw them as a way to cash in.

  14. 14 Adidas NMD "Pitch Black" ($3,000)

    With only 500 pairs ever produced this sneaker goes for around $3,000.

  15. 15 Alexander McQueen Hobnail Ankle Boots ($4,000)

    These embroidered ankle boots by British designer Alexander McQueen go for about $4,000.

  16. 16 Nike Dunk Low Pro SB ‘Paris’ ($4,000)

    Covered in art by French artist Bernard Buffet, these ‘Paris’ shoes go for around $4,000.

  17. 17 Nike HyperAdapt 1.0 ($4,000)

    Nike’s first auto-lacing sneakers cost about $4,000.

  18. 18 Adidas Pharrell NMD Hu Race Trail "N*E*R*D" ($5,185)

    Pharrell and Adidas figured out the hype train this year, and it came to a culmination at ComplexCon with a special pair of Pharrell’s Hu Race NMD Trail that was made for the release of N*E*R*D’s new album. Kids literally fought over the shoes, which drove the resale price up even higher.

  19. 19 Rick Owens ‘GeoBasket’ ($6,000)

    Popular among celebrities like Madonna, these shoes cost nearly $6,000.

  20. 20 Gold-Dipped Nike Dunks ($6,000)

    Covered in 24K gold, you won’t want to wear these $6,000 sneakers around too often. Who wants to get their gold dirty?

  21. 21 The Row Ambra glossed-alligator ankle boots ($7,000)

    From Mary-Kate and Ashley, these Italian made boots cost upwards of $7,000.

  22. 22 Adidas Pharrell Human Race NMD “Friends and Family” ($ 8,000)

    Although the best version of Pharrell’s NMD shoes didn’t release publicly, if you managed to get your hands on them it would cost you about $8,000.

  23. 23 Chanel x Adidas Pharrell NMD Hu Race Trail ($11,135)

    Pharrell got Adidas to collaborate with Chanel on his signature sneakers and released them at Colette for the retailer’s send off after 20 years of business. The demand was so great for them that they had to get a court bailiff to read off the auction winners. Coupled with the fact that there were only 500 pairs made, and that put this shoe as one the most in-demand releases in ages.

  24. 24 Nike SB Flom Dunk High ($12,000)

    These hard to find kicks went for $12,000 on eBay.

  25. 25 Air Jordan III “Grateful” ($13,250)

    DJ Khaled is one of the most divisive people in the sneaker game. For some, he possesses the enthusiasm they’ve been looking for. For others, anything he touches instantly makes the product uncool. But Jordan Brand rewarded his faithfulness to the company this year with this own Air Jordan III. The shoes were given away to select folks who bought his new album, which means very few pairs are circulating. Sneakers are good investment, indeed.

  26. 26 Nike Mag ($28,000)

    It took Nike about 27 years to make an auto-lacing shoe like the pair that Marty McFly wore in Back to the Future. Since only 100 pairs were made, they sell for over $28,000.

  27. 27 Autographed Kobe Air Zoom ($30,000)

    Kobe’s signature alone jacks the price up to $30,000.

  28. 28 Testoni Shoes ($38,000)

    Yes men, it is your one of your dream brands and this particular pair of shoes cost you a whopping $38,000. Wondering what makes this pair of shoes so expensive? Umm, no, it is not just the brand, but the Norvegese technique that this brand uses. These shoes are made from the skin of the world’s finest alligators and are highly durable. Tistoni is the brand of shoes that was created by Amedeo Testoni way back in 1929 and the techniques even back then were quite ahead of time. Well, had he been alive today, he would have been a huge concern for PETA. This house of shoes has produced the very famous custom made linen twine which was made of soft goat skin. Okay, I personally find it unethical to use animal skin for luxury, but this price tag offers super water resistance to the shoes and is on every man’s dream shoe list.

  29. 29 Nike Air Force One By Prryya & Chintan’s Couture and Jewelry ($50,000)

    Studded with diamonds and gold.

  30. 30 Nike So Cal Air Force 1 Supreme Max ($50,000)

    Next on the list is our very dear Nike. Every man has secretly wanted to own a pair of Nike’s Air Force One shoes since ever. This particular Air Force One Supreme Max shoes has yet again created the magic and desire around it. If Nike’s diamond studded Air Force One was range was irresistible, this one goes a step ahead and combines beauty with durability. What makes this pair of shoes catch our attention is the very bright neon touch to it that makes the shoes look even more desirable. Sigh! The upper part of the shoe is made of premium leather and the bottom contains 3M reflective material, not to forget the neon green laces.

  31. 31 Autographed Nike Air Jordan 1 ($60,000)

    For $60,000 you could just buy yourself a fancy car, but at least with these Jordans you’ll be walking…which is healthier.

  32. 32 Air Jordan Silver Shoes ($60,000)

    This pair of Air Jordan Silver Shoes had caught everyone’s attention ever since it was launched. This pair of shoes is a masterpiece sculpture in its own. Signed by Michael Jordan himself, these shoes sent his fans into a tizzy and they have all religiously wanted to own it since then. The best part of this Nike shoe is that it is wearable, unlike gold shoes. Who says women are famous for luxury shopping? This shoe is done with silver detailing and is one of the most costly shoes in the world. It is been said this range of shoes are in itself the brand ambassador of Nike worldwide. So die hard MJ fans, get ready to own a pair of this for a certain $60,000.

  33. 33 Shoes of Nizam Sikandar Jah ($160,000)

    This elegant pair of shoes belonged to the Nizam of Hyderabad, Sikandar Jah, during the 18th century. The design is so delicate that it actually makes us go W.O.W over the India of 18th century and its rich treasure. The shoe is fully embroidered with gold thread and boasts a lot of diamonds, rubies, emeralds and many such expensive stones. The shoe was a part of a prestigious museum in Toronto and proudly showcased India’s heritage and opulence to the world, until it was stolen from the museum. Fortunately enough, the shoe was recovered again and though it has suffered a few damages here and there, it still continues to make India proud.

  34. 34 Kathryn Wilson’s Pumps ($418,450)

    New Zealand based designer Kathryn Wilson created this sheer work of masterpiece for a charity auction. This shoe took 50 hours to be the piece of work it is. This shoe features diamonds worth million pounds and each diamond was hand pasted one by one during those 50 hours. This shoe reminds me of the Cinderella pumps. Well, this “Cinderella” pumps fetched a price of more than $ 4,00,000 at the auction and hence successfully served the purpose of its creation at the first place. The only drawback is that this pair of pumps is not what we would call ‘wearable’. But that’s how we have always known fairy tales to be, isn’t it?

  35. 35 Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos ($500,000)

    When the article is about the shoe world, was it possible that one of the empires shall stay away? Stuart Weitzman is very much the unannounced ruler of the shoe world. When we write about shoes, we write about Weitzman. This shoe is handcrafted with about 1,500 30 karat diamonds. No wonder, they shout for attention all over. You think you would need to accessorize at all when you wear this beautiful piece? What would be the need anyway? People will be too busy staring at your feet to shift their glance anywhere else. You can lay your hands on a pair of these for $ 5, 00, 000. After all, diamonds are a woman’s best friend!

  36. 36 Original ‘Wizard of Oz’ Ruby Slippers ($ 612,000)

    Remember those delicate pair of red slippers Dorothy was sporting in Wizard of Oz? Another dream shoe, undoubtedly. The amazing fact about this shoe is that there are only three original pieces left, one of which was sold off at an auction for $6,12,000. The two pieces are still remaining, one of which is showcased in a Washington D.C museum. I particularly remember, as a kid after watching this classic movie, I so badly wanted to have this pair of red magic shoes and since then for a long time, everything I bought had to be red in colour. All you girls out there who were equally mesmerized by these shoes, at least have a look when you plan to visit Washington.

  37. 37 Stuart Weitzman Marilyn Monroe Shoes ($ 1 million)

    Anything related with this timeless beauty has to be classic, isn’t it? Now, wondering why did Weitzman name these after Marilyn Monroe herself? Well, this shoe which is tremendous hard work and delicate craftsmanship of crystals all through it is actually adorned with crystals that this great actress once used to wear. This shoe was first worn at the 2005 Oscars by Regina King. No wonder this shoe had to fetch the whopping amount of $ 1 million when it was auctioned off after grabbing eyeballs at the Oscars.

  38. 38 Stuart Weitzman Retro Rose Pumps ($1 million)

    Yet another Stuart Weitzman creation. This shoe reminds us of the Hollywood of Black and White era where T-straps were embraced with grace. The specialty of these golden pumps is that big golden rose at the centre which is the secret behind the name. These roses are made of 1,800 diamonds that lends the grace to it. The entire body of the shoe contains 400 more diamonds. I wonder how on earth could Cody Diablo reject the offer of wearing these pumps. These are too pretty to be refused.

  39. 39 Stuart Weitzman Platinum Guild Stilettos ($ 1.09 million)

    This truly is a masterpiece, which is beautifully decorated with 464 diamonds throughout the body. But the surprise factor which makes you go ‘wow’ is the fact that these straps which adorn the shoe can be removed and worn as necklace. Now who on earth does not want cost effectiveness in their large scale investments? These pencil heels were unveiled at the 2002 Oscars and has been every woman’s envy since then.

  40. 40 Stuart Weitzman Ruby Stilettos ($ 1.6 million)

    This one, too, was inspired by the ‘Wizard of Oz’ shoes and is one of the prettiest shoes in this list. Made of 643 pieces of 123 karat rubies and a pound of platinum, this stiletto just looks perfect for that dinner date with your partner. This shoe lives up to the expectations from Stuart Weitzman who is famous for encrusting his shoes with beautiful and rare gems.

  41. 41 Stuart Weitzman Tanzanite Heels ($ 2 million)

    Stuart Weitzman just refuses to get off this list. This particular shoe deserves this position quite well because when Stuart Weitzman and Eddie Le Vian collaborate to create something, it has to be out of the world. And something created out of tanzanite does not have any other option than looking beautiful, isn’t it? Just the delicate straps of the pumps boast of 28 carat diamonds and 185 karat tanzanite gems. Wait, the beauty does not end here, girls. All these are set in shining silver, which makes these pumps even more desirable.

  42. 42 Jason Arasheben Custom ($ 2 million)

    These diamond-encrusted, Jason Arasheben custom-made shoes were worn by Nick Cannon when he hosted the final season of American Idol. The shoes are covered in more than 14,000 round-cut white diamonds set on white gold for an estimated cost of $2 million

  43. 43 Stuart Weitzman Cinderella Slippers ($ 2 million)

    How could the master of shoe snot create something as beautiful as a fairy tale? These stilettos were created with finest Italian leather and decorated with as many as 565 Kwiat diamonds all set in platinum. Those delicate laces boast one of the rarest diamonds in the world- the amaretto diamond, which alone costs more than a million dollar. This pump was created to pay a tribute to everyone’s beloved Cinderella, hence the name. Now this is what we call a dream come true, girls.

  44. 44 Stuart Weitzman Rita Hayworth Heels ($ 3 million)

    Named after the Hollywood legend, this shoe actually boasts of a pair of earring that belonged to Rita Hayworth. What I love about this one is the chocolate color, which is a welcome change from all the glitter and bling of the previous ones. The folded flowers are made of satin and the earring at the middle makes it look like a poetry. This shoe contains every kind of gem one can think of, sapphire, diamond, ruby and what not? This pair is now owned by Rita’s daughter.

  45. 45 Harry Winston Ruby Slippers ($ 3 million)

    For $3 million you can have an exact replica of the red magic shoes of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz.

  46. 46 Debbie Wingham Shoes ($ 15.1 million)

    The most expensive shoes in the world worth $ 15 million (AED 55 million), will be displayed in Dubai next Wednesday.

    This luxury piece will be presented to the public for the first time at the Raffles Dubai Hotel to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

    The shoe, designed by Debbie Wingham, is studded with more than 1,000 pieces of diamonds set in platinum metal and 24-gauge gold bars on a gold plate.

    The shoe also features two pieces of 3-carat pink diamonds per $ 1.4 million (AED 16.1 million), two pieces of one-carat blue diamonds worth $ 1.9 million (7 million dirhams) per piece, and four Cut of pure white diamonds weighing three carats per piece.

  47. 47 Bonus : Shoes thrown at President George W Bush ($ 10 million)

    The shoes thrown by Iraqi reporter Muntadhar al-Zaidi as he yelled “This is a farewell kiss from the Iraqi people, you dog” were bought for nearly $10 million. The shoemaker also got a massive windfall with orders for nearly 300,000 pairs in a week.

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