Most Hilarious And Stupid Hotel Fails That Will Make You Laugh Harder


The category of a Hotel is influenced and determined by many factors. A Hotel’s location, the things provided at the Hotel, average room rate, renovations, varying economic conditions. And other hotels in the surrounding area, all have some bearing on a hotel’s category. Some hotels fails to  provide enough facilities and this results in some hilarious accidents that are not easy to forget.


Here are some of the Most Hilarious And Stupid Hotel Fails That Will Make You Laugh Harder.

Hope you like it.


  1. 1 A p**** towel thou!

  2. 2 Does it say Hot A**??

  3. 3 Getting short of salt these days. LOl

  4. 4 Baltic B**** Hotel!

  5. 5 Is that an extreme level of comfort zone?

  6. 6 When you don't know how to swim!

  7. 7 In case you're hiding your food cleverly!

  8. 8 Is that hot or cold water?

  9. 9 Emergencies everywhere, no?

  10. 10 You can see what you want!

  11. 11 When it's not that hot today!

  12. 12 I wonder what kind of forces acting there.

  13. 13 What's the point ??

  14. 14 Only for the ghosts!

  15. 15 The End!!

  16. 16 Free Wifi!

  17. 17 Say no to presents!

  18. 18 Isn't that too short?

  19. 19 Just an extraordinary stupid area!

  20. 20 Locked in!

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