Movie Things That Can’t Happen In Real Life


Imagine your life as a movie; a perfect life, every stranger is nice, perfect love story, and perfect ending. Now read the first word lol. Just kidding. Here are some movie moments we can’t expect in real life.

  1. 1 You loved one runs throught the entire airport and find you in the ending corner

  2. 2 Someone secretly writes you a letter every day

  3. 3 Spaghetti pulls you towards itself

  4. 4 Something explosed and you can simply walk away from the fire

  5. 5 Recieving a letter that says you're a wizard

  6. 6 Fights are organized much more than your couple dance

  7. 7 You have a dog who talks in your language

  8. 8 Someone else appears in the mirror instead of you

  9. 9 Your glasses are the hurdle between you and your popularity

  10. 10 You can speak a language you've never even heard before

  11. 11 Animals are allowed to do normal human things

  12. 12 You jump off a huge distance without getting harmed

  13. 13 You grow up in a montage format

  14. 14 Bullets can't even touch you

  15. 15 You can get dressed and undressed while you're doing your exercise

  16. 16 Kissing in rain is romantic

  17. 17 You scream, "Follow that cab!" and it works.

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