10+ Photos That Prove Natural Forces Are Much More Powerful Than Any Other Forces In This Universe


Slydor has collected photos that prove there is no bigger force than nature. Every year natural disasters occur all over our planet. They may be lighting attacks, thunder, volcano eruption, earthquakes. Take a break and look at these powerful forces that will surprise you.


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  1. 1 Volcano erupting in Calbuco, Chile

  2. 2 Incredible lenticular clouds over Alvord Desert in SE Oregon

  3. 3 This tree was struck by lightning

  4. 4 Pacific Storm from 37,000 feet above the ocean

  5. 5 Abandoned road now apart of river

  6. 6 After a weekend storm in New England, a Puffer Fish was found in a tree.

  7. 7 Green sky by storm

  8. 8 A hurricane

  9. 9 Fire in forests

  10. 10 Lightning

  11. 11 Earthquakes

  12. 12 Oklahoma Struck By Biggest Tornado

  13. 13 That person

  14. 14 Storm damage in the aftermath of Hurricane

  15. 15 Wind hit the transmission lines

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